New walk in Tent Loop at Cottonwood Canyon

We have been getting alot of interest from visitors about what the construction zone near the cabins is going to be. If you have visited the park recently you may have noticed some new fencing, concrete pads, a shade shelter and a bit of dust as well.

This new area is going to be designated as a walk in tent camping loop. Visitors will be able to park by the new shower/restroom building and take a short walk to the new camp area.

There is still some work to be done and some time needed before the loop is opened, but we look forward to providing another recreational option to our visitors.

Feel free to give us a call at 541-394-0002 or send an email to with any questions about the new campsites or about Cottonwood Canyon State Park in general.

2 thoughts on “New walk in Tent Loop at Cottonwood Canyon

  1. We stayed at the Bighorn cabin recently and had a wonderful time, Thank you for providing such a comfortable space for those of us who “just can’t manage ” to tent camp any more. Have been coming to CWC since the park opened and it is always an adventure and a pleasure. One complaint about the cabins is that when cars come to use the showers/restrooms at dusk or night time, the headlights that are constantly on is pretty intrusive for the folks at the cabins, whether outside trying to enjoy a peaceful fire or inside the cabin. Has anyone else commented on this or are we just a couple of crabby old farts????? Maybe a wooden fence like the shade/wind shields, right behind the restroom facing the cabins, would do the trick. Perhaps there’s a plan in the works for tree planting in the future……
    Thanks again for such a gem in the middle of John Day river country. We WILL return again and again. Lee and Steve and of course, Daisy.

    1. Hi Robin, Good to hear that you all enjoyed your time at the park, we all work hard to make it nice and welcoming. This is the first complaint we have received of headlights being a bother to folks. Something we will have to take into consideration.

      The planting plan at the cabins is to plant native grass and allow sage brush and other native species to grow in. We have elected not to plant any trees around the buildings due to high fire danger and the need to conserve water resources.

      Keep an eye out for continued changes on your next visit!

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