Winter Storm Warning!

We have winter storm warning in effect throughout Central Oregon, and it has currently hit at Cottonwood Canyon State Park! Heavy snow throughout the day and into Tuesday morning is expected. We advise not travelling if possible. However, if you are travelling plan on poor road conditions and make sure you have emergency gear in your rig including warm clothing, blankets, and extra food/water. If you need a place to stop and get off the road, Cottonwood Canyon State park is open year round, with flush restrooms and hot showers available. Didn’t bring your snow tent? We do have heated cabins as well.

See the links below for details on the storm warning, making cabin reservations, and road conditions.

As always, feel free to call the park if you have questions a 541-394-0002

3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Warning!

  1. I love it—smart-thinking send.

    I’m just down river from you aways, about a half-mile inland to the east from the mouth of Rock Creek.

    Would send long a photo or two of my own, but unable to make for the correct connection between the smartphone and the desktop, at least for the time being.

    Such is TGOS—this getting older stuff.

    Les (541) 454-2511

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