5 Reasons to not Visit Cottonwood Canyon State Park (Sarcasm Intended)

Another cloudy day at the park.

1.Cottonwood Canyon State Park is too Small.

There are 21 campsites and 4 cabins currently at Cottonwood Canyon State Park. With so many sites and ways to stay, you’d expect some leg room for exploration and adventure. However there are only EIGHTEEN THOUSAND ACRES of surrounding park and public land to explore. With so little area to explore, you might even run into another person visiting the park (or a herd of California Bighorn Sheep)!

2. There are too many activities to do at Cottonwood Canyon.

Sometimes you might just want only one recreational option. Unfortunately at Cottonwood Canyon there are a plethora of recreational opportunities. You may want to go mountain biking along the John Day river. Didn’t bring a bike? There are park loaner bikes located at the campground. In addition to biking, you might have to pick from hiking, trail running, fishing, bird watching, stargazing, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, hunting (yes hunting is allowed in certain areas), swimming, photography, back country camping, wildlife viewing and many other camping related activities, including relaxing in solitude at one of the newly opened cabins.

3. No cell service makes it too easy to disconnect with technology and connect with friends and nature.

There isn’t any cell service within the majority of Cottonwood Canyon State Park. Sadly this forces you to put your devices down and engage with your surroundings and friends on a different level. Trying to find something to do while not using cell service can prove to be difficult while visiting, just see section 2 in this list.

3. The John Day river flows through the park.*

The John Day river is the third longest undammed river in the contiguous United States and just happens to run through 16 miles of Cottonwood Canyon State park. This makes it too hard to concentrate knowing a good fishing spot or swimming hole might be just around the corner. Again, don’t like hiking? Kayaking and rafting is always an option.

4. Campsites are too inexpensive.

It’s always nice to pay a premium price while camping. Sad to say, camping fees are a mere $10 per campsite at Cottonwood Canyon. This fee includes access to flush restrooms and hot showers year round. Sites can accommodate anything from a 1 person backpacking tent to 8 people in a 50′ motorhome. There aren’t any electricity or sewer hookups but there is potable water accessible year round.

5. The Park Rangers are too nice.**

Having a rough time figuring out what to do at the park or have questions about the park or local area? Those pesky park rangers and camp hosts are always more than happy to help out and try and make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

*Yes there are actually six reasons, five sounded better though.

**Article written by a pesky park ranger and opinions may be biased, however the rangers are all very nice. All satire aside, we hope you can come visit us at Cottonwood Canyon State Park.

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to not Visit Cottonwood Canyon State Park (Sarcasm Intended)

  1. hmmm, where did you get the “park rangers are too nice” category? because they are waaaay beyond nice! they are intelligent, funny, appreciative of their beautiful surroundings and care about their visitors!

  2. The pesky ranger is too funny. Thankx for the smiles and if I wasn’t traveling to California, I’d go your way! Great reminder and the weather is almost ripe.

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