Cottonwood Cabins Open and Ready to Rent!

Just in time for the cold winter weather, the cabins at Cottonwood Canyon are open for business! These rustic cabins are the perfect way to experience the open wilderness of Cottonwood Canyon and the surrounding area while sleeping in comfort.

Our 4 rustic cabins sleep up to 8 people and are outfitted with two twin sized bunk beds, a full sized bed, and a futon that pulls out into an additional full sized bed. Each cabin also includes a dining table with 4 chairs, a mini fridge, porch seating, picnic table and fire ring.

For those cold winter nights, or hot summer days; air conditioning and heat is supplied.

Located a short 100′ walk from the cabins is our newly constructed restroom/shower house; free hot showers are provided with rentals of any cabin or campsite. Potable water is available outside the cabins year round.

Visitors will still need to bring bedding, eating utensils, food and any other camping items they’ve come to rely on.

Cabin rentals are currently $48/night for visitors without pets, or $58/night for one of our two pet-friendly cabins. (Plus an additional $8 reservation fee).

For additional information, give us a call here at Cottonwood Canyon at (541) 394-0002. Reservations can be made on-line 24/7 through Reserve America; or by calling reservations at 1-800-452-5687 Monday-Friday 8-5pm (excluding holidays).

Update: Cabin pricing is now $43/night ($53/night for a pet friendly cabin) For all our rates, please see our camping and reservations page.

3 thoughts on “Cottonwood Cabins Open and Ready to Rent!

  1. This post states that there ARE showers, yet elsewhere in ‘information’ it is stated there are NOT showers.
    As of 4/29/19, are there showers or not?
    Thanks, heading that way in a week!!!

    1. Hello and thank you for your question. The cabins are rustic and do not have showers, but there is a shower facility near the cabins that is currently open. Showers are free to campers. See you soon!

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