Old Meets New at Cottonwood Canyon


Cottonwood Canyon may be Oregon’s newest State Park, but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten the past. With the addition of this 1948 Ford pickup truck, we have one more story to tell and a new life for an old workhorse.

Originally purchased by Mary’s uncle; Frank Sayrs, and used as a farm truck, it was eventually retired to the field. Mary and Bo had a desire to see the truck continue life in the public eye. Now displayed near the Lone Tree Campground, it will look forward to a future of welcoming visitors from across the country.

A big thank you goes out to local Wasco residents, and long-time Cottonwood Camp Hosts Bo and Mary Macnab for their donation.

3 thoughts on “Old Meets New at Cottonwood Canyon

  1. Hi, nice picture and article!

    I am Mary’s sister, Pat. I met you that day. When I got home I couldn’t find my Beige colored Birkenstocks. Did anyone find them? I have one more place to look At home, but wanted to ask you too. I’m assuming you have a Lost and Found. Thanks! Pat Jacobsen

    Pat Jacobsen Manifest Tokens & Signs 541-980-7772 Sent from my iPad


    1. Unfortunately I have not had any Birkenstocks turned into the office. I just checked with the hosts and our lost and found, but did not find them. If they turn up, I will let you know! Hopefully they are hidden somewhere at home!

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