Please, Excuse our Dust!


The day has finally come. Construction has begun on the Cottonwood Canyon Experience Center!

The next few months will be filled with change here at Cottonwood. The addition of 4 cabins, a restroom/shower building, additional campsites, and of course the long awaited Experience Center will be a welcome and exciting addition.

A special thanks goes out to the many donors and volunteers who have made this day possible!

Campers and day visitors should be aware that with this addition, comes additional noise. Construction times will be limited to standard 8am – 5pm work hours. With a Monday through Saturday schedule during the winter and early spring months.

During mid-spring spring and into summer, work hours will remain 8am – 5pm, but with work days reduced to Monday – Friday. Limited, and short interruptions in the availability of potable water in the campground may occur. But water will remain available at all times in the day use area.

Final completion of this project is mid-august of 2018, and of course pictures of the progress will be posted!

3 thoughts on “Please, Excuse our Dust!

  1. That is so awesome to hear. My favorite campground. My only fear us it is going to become so popular that I will not be able to get a camp spot. Great though.

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