Volunteer Projects+Wildflowers=Spring

With spring in the air the Cottonwoods cry to be planted. Wildflowers shout for visitors to marvel at the colors of a desert landscape. OK, made not crying Cottonwoods and shouting flowers but Spring is great out here at Cottonwood.

Thanks to Oregon Parks Go Guide for the great article, and the avid hikers at        oregonhikes.com for sharing  suggestions for some great Spring Cottonwood adventures.
Please come out for another Cottonwood Planting April 23rd in partnership with Western Rivers Conservancy and Solve. We promise to stop and let you smell the wild roses.

Volunteer Day Details
Saturday, April 23rd; 10am to 3pm  
Type of Work: Plant, run drip irrigation lines and cage Cottonwood cuttings.
Meeting area: Cottonwood Canyon State Park visitor’s center
What to bring: Heavy leather work gloves; closed toe shoes; long sleeve shirts and pants; lunch, water and snacks
Volunteer slots available: 15
Oregon Parks and Recreation will provide: All materials and tools. (And hopefully great weather!)
RSVP Deadline: Thursday, April 14th–please RSVP by using the comments section


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Projects+Wildflowers=Spring

  1. Count me in for the day of work on April 23rd. I’ll be staying in the park for a couple of days before and after.

  2. Hello there–not finding a contact form so posting here–we visited Cottonwood Canyon back in May and it was beautiful. While eating lunch beside the river and examining the opposite side of the canyon with binoculars we spotted a painted advertisement, I believe for insurance. Looked early 20th C or older. It was too far away to get a photo with my phone.

    Can’t find any photos or mention of it on your site or elsewhere on the web. Perhaps you could do a post about it? It’s so high up on a cliff and far enough from the road that I don’t imagine anyone’s going to vandalize it.

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