Bird’s the word

November Volunteer Hosts Elizabeth Daniel and Jim Deaton

In gratitude to our fallen feathered fowl who will, no doubt, adorn many a table and fill a fleet of gravy boats this Thursday of thanks, our resident photographer and wildlife advocate Elizabeth Daniel has also boiled down a pot of feathered photos that’s tastier than grandma’s marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar.


Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. That’s sweet.

On Nov. 8, I asked Elizabeth to come up with 30 birds in 30 days. And she did her best given that it is only now Nov. 25.  The best part was getting to pester her daily. She’s a good sport, but a better photographer and friend. She has come through for us with her point and shoot. Quite well, I say.

We have done our best to identify some of these birds. But we are not ornithologists at this time. If we have made an error in our identification, please look past our deficiency and bask in the insane variety of colors, sizes, shapes and niche these birds employ in our natural world.

2014-11-15  2049  unknown probably a flycatcher yes
Possibly a flycatcher in amongst the thorns of a ranger-favorite locust tree. Note to self, bring iodine for next pruning project.
2015-11-07  2960  Chipping Sparrow
Chipping sparrows in Elderberry.
2015-05-10  0059  Northern Oriole
Northern Oriole – known for their nests or twine, fishing line, etc. that hang in trees like giant cocoons.
2015-05-18  0038  Killdeer
Killdeer will always lead you astray.
2014-11-20  0014  various finches yes
Finches appear to be embarrassed. Probably saw our ranger  cuttin’ a rug while planting some native grass.
2014-11  2042  Bufflehead maybe yes
Bufflehead taking on some water.
2014-11-14  2035 tundra swans yes
Tundra Swan stopped in for a swim
2014-11-14  2077  Townsend's Solitaire yes
Townsend’s Solitaire true to its namesake.
2015-04-01  2110 yes
Canada goose
2015-04-18  6581  Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove
2015-04-20  0006  Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird
2015-05-12  0039  Lazuli Bunting yes
Lazuli Bunting
2015-05-24  0042  California Quail yes
California Quail
2015-05-18  0080  Says Phoebe youngsters
Says Phoebe youngsters
2015-11-07  2993  Loggerhead Shrike
Loggerhead Shrike
2015-05-25  0013  Female Yellow Headed Blackbird
Yellow headed blackbird
2015-11-07  3002  Canyon Wren yes
Canyon Wren

2015-11-07  3015  unknown  cowbird

2015-11-10  3166  canadian geese yes
The best work – teamwork
2015-11-10  3163  Northern Flicker yes
Northern Flicker
2015-11-10  3164  Kestral yes
2015-11-10  3206  Oregon Junco yes
Oregon Junco
2015-11-24  3540 white crowned sparrow
White Crowned Sparrow

2015-11-03  2846

2015-05-24  0045


2014-11  Robins in Hackberry
Rockin’ Robbins – tweedley tweedley deet.
2015-11-09  3112rock wren yes
Rock Wren
2015-11-07  3059  white crowned sparrow yes
White Crowned Sparrow

10 thoughts on “Bird’s the word

  1. Dear Friends,

    I really enjoyed seeing the bird photos. Just a couple of edits – it’s actually a Canada goose, not Canadian. And mourning dove, rather than morning.


    Lynne Stone (Condon native – hope to visit the new park soon, my aunt in Condon absolutely loves it.)


  2. We had every intention of visiting the park on our way back from Prineville, but alas a cold house with a furnace out awaited us. so had to pass it by again. Wiil definitely be a destination this coming spring.

  3. Another correction to the one Lynne provides regarding the doves, those aren’t mourning doves, they look to be eurasian collared doves.

  4. Good Evening, I haven’t seen a post in awhile so I thought I would just ask and see what is happening at our newest state park.

    Thank You.

    Charlie Forth


  5. Your photo of chipping sparrows are actually immature white crowned sparrows, the doves are actually Eurasian collared doves- you can see the collar on the back of neck. The oriole is a Bullocks Oriole. The finches are Cassin’s finches. I think the swans are Trumpeters they have a straighter edge to the bill than the tundra and are larger.

  6. Good Morning Cottonwood Canyon State Park,

    I personnally haven’t seen anything from our newest state park in sometime and just wondering if you guys are still online or have taken a different route to communicate.

    Question, is the park going to have first hike of the year again?


    Charlie Forth


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