November at Cottonwood

Since we haven’t been keeping up on the blog and pictures we thought we would recruit our camp hosts to share their experience out here at Cottonwood. And if you are thinking of hosting please let us know–we need someone in July and August.

Hosting at Cottonwood – Our first hosting experience.
November 1 – 23

Jim Deaton and Elizabeth Daniel

November comes and November goes, with the last red berries and the first white snows. ~- Elizabeth Coatsworth

Beautiful weather greeted us at Cottonwood Canyon the first couple of weeks… Sunshine, warm days and

2014-11-01  1669 2014-11-08  1897

. . a full moon2014-11-08  1879


Jim was a very happy camper-host that first weekend when he caught two wild Steelhead… a 30-inch and 26-inch. Then the river changed… got a bit murky and the fishing slowed way down.
Jim worked with Rangers Ryan, Dave and Tom burning the nasty Russian thistle. As the snow was falling on November 13, they completed the burning.

2014-11-3  1747 2014-11-15  0197

I worked at keeping the restrooms tidy. It was that time of year when the flies were diminishing but the spiders were looking for someplace warm for the winter. The hiker/biker restroom had one of the largest prettiest Black Widow Spiders taking up residence.

I captured her and… yes, I 2014-11-08  1840murdered her.

She was a beauty.



I also am working charting the vegetation… shrubs and trees in each of the campground sites. I am hoping to finish it up next week when the snow is gone from the campsites.

We had some wonderful warm fall weather… Saturday, November 8 was a quiet calm sunny warm day. We had a great view of the pretty sunset with pink cottage cheese clouds while we were having wine around the campfire.

2014-11-09  1937 2014-11-09  1920 2014-11-09 1936a

On November 12, the weather changed and all of a sudden we were in a snowstorm and dropping temperatures.

2014-11-13- 2019 2014-11-14  0041

Jim and I and the dogs took a walk in the snow out Pinnacles Trail on Friday, November 14. It was absolutely gorgeous. The highlight of the trip was seeing and watching eight Tundra Swans… what a treat.

2014-11-14  2020 2014-11-14  2035

November 16, the temperature is a balmy 8 degrees above zero. It is cold and there is quite a bit of ice on the John Day River.

2014-11-16  2020 2014-11-16  0013

On November 17, the John Day River froze all the way across it near the boat launch and at the end of the campground.

2014-11-17  2258 2014-11-17  2064a

We are really happy to have the bright sunshine during the day that almost thaws things out. The sunny quiet days are what makes this canyon in November so special.

The forecast is calling for rain and warmer temperatures as our time here at Cottonwood come to a close. We are looking forward to returning in April 2015.

Jim Deaton and Elizabeth Daniel

10 thoughts on “November at Cottonwood

  1. What beautiful pictures and nice commentary. We too had our first camp hosting experience there, only LAST November! We thought it was cold when it hit 16 degrees and our water froze, but you have experienced even colder weather. Love Cottonwood!

  2. Makes us want to make a trip to Cotton Wood. We were there just before it opened and have yet to make it back. Maybe this spring. Enjoyed your adventures!! Thanks for sharing

    1. A little suspect that we don’t have fish pictures but we gotta give Jim the benefit of being a hardcore fisherman who tried to fish even in the snow because the water cleared out.

      And, the Deaton/Daniel crew are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of great volunteers–those KrazyCross folks do a great job as well.

  3. We were there in September when it was quite HOT (the hike up the river was a scorcher!), so it’s really fun to see the pictures of the camp and canyon looking so serene in the snow. Kudos to all Cottonwood volunteers and staff for all the work you’re doing. It’s a very special place now, and will be even more so in the future as a result of all that work.

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