Late summer construction update

The contractors are continuing to make good progress:
  • The sewer and power systems are complete. The domestic water and irrigation pumps will be installed in a few weeks (completing the water systems).
  • Fencing is 90% complete, and the the archways and gates will be installed next week.
  • The Visitor Contact building is getting sided and roofed.
  • The picnic shelter roof and final trim are due next week.
  • The restroom roofing and siding are set for next week, too.
  • Roadways will get the final grading next week and paving will happen soon after.
  • Improvements at the J.S. Burres day-use area (on the Gilliam side of the river) are under construction. They also plan to pave before the end of August.
  • The entrance road trail is complete.

P7230059 P7230072 P7230079 P7240110

9 thoughts on “Late summer construction update

  1. Looking forward to seeing our newest state park. We will come visit and possibly park host there in the future.

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