Vote for a brand!

This is ranching country, so shouldn’t Cottonwood have it’s own brand? Sure. And we know just who can help us make it happen … the kids who live around the park. We asked the nearby schools to unleash their creativity and send us some ideas, and “some” turned into 87 pieces of art. We’ve narrowed it down to the top dozen ideas, and now turn it over to you … which do you like the best? We’ll use it on signs, displays and in other ways. Many of these will find use in the park in one way or another, but the top design will represent Cottonwood Canyon to the world.

Vote for a Cottonwood brand
Vote for a Cottonwood brand

9 thoughts on “Vote for a brand!

  1. What, no fish images??? I mean, wouldn’t that give it a unique brand? That place is smallmouth and steelhead heaven…
    If I had to choose, Brand 9 would work for me.

    Best of luck with the new park. Looking forward to it.

    1. Yes, a fish would be great, especially for people who visit just for that reason. We did try and stick with the drawings that were a little more universal here, though. The students who did the art did send in at least one with a fish, and we’ll find a way to use that in the park (just not as the main brand). We’ll show you all 87 drawings after the final pick is made. Thanks.

  2. I also vote for #9.
    #7 must’ve been drawn by an adolescent male 🙂
    We are very much looking forward to camping at Oregon’s newest state park!

  3. I’m thinking # 8 but straight across with a fish around the entire brand. Alternately leave # 8 as is and add a fin to the left end.

  4. I vote for #8. It is a crisp design that will adapt well to adding a fish, stream, or mountain. #9 is a little confusing and too busy. Love the creativity of #6!

  5. I like # 8 as well except for the little bar connecting the W to the lower C. I’d just connect the left upper corner of the C to the W. I like the idea of a fish as well, otherwise the State Park aspect of the brand doesn’t get included.

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