Comment on updated park values and actions

We introduced an newly-edited version of our “Park Values and Benefits” at the public meetings that ended yesterday evening. When we say “Values,” we’re trying to put into words the rationale for creating the park in this specific place. It’s easy to get lost in the big picture, though, and plans aren’t plans unless they give you concrete advice on how to design and guide the evolution of a park over the next several decades.

With that in mind, here are the Seven Big Character-Defining Values driving the park forward. Each is supposed to deliver certain benefits (those are listed). And to provide those benefits, we have to perform some action to make it happen. Those are listed with each value.

Where did the seven values come from? From you, and from the sudden realization that we manage three main resources: natural, cultural and recreational. Each of these three overlap, too (some parks are a mix of natural+cultural features, or recreational+natural, and so on), producing three more unique combinations. That makes six. And because it’s important for a a park  to exist as part of a community, that makes seven.

Take a look, and comment by Sept 22. You can leave a comment here, or send one by email.

Go to the new values.

2 thoughts on “Comment on updated park values and actions

  1. The most desireable management objective in all categories is to enhance the state park’s natural characteristics, i.e. restore historic habitat, maintain endemic species and diminish exotic / introduced species of flora and fauna. This could involve overriding other categories, if there is a conflict between natural and any other.

    While public access is important (roads, trails, campgrounds, buildings), this is a lower priority to me. If I were making the decision, public access would be the last characteristic considered.

    Cultural (archeological, historic) assets also are fairly high on my wish list, but not to override natural aspects of the park.

    Oregon’s state parks are wonderful. They make retiring here a joy. Friends and relatives from Arizona, where my wife and I recently moved from, are envious, when they see photos I email. Both of us want the funding for a Park A Year program to continue and support the initiative measure to amend our state’s constitution, so we all can continue discussing management priorities for many new state parks for the rest of our lives.

  2. I agree with Ricardo. I have hunted and fished in the area for many years and wonder if all the improvements for camping, horses, trails, etc. will result in loving this primitive, wild and wonderous area to death?

    I agree that historic building of the Murtha Ranch should be protected and preserved.

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