First round of meetings finished — but don’t let that stop you

Planning mapsWe had a trio of great meeting last week, and if you couldn’t male one of them, not to worry. This is the beginning, not the end. Appropriate to the start of something new, wildflowers are also in bloom right now.

We held meetings in Moro, Condon and Portland (we’ll get video of the Moro meeting up so you can see what you missed and actually participate as if you were there).

People turned out and shared their early desires and concerns, and that helps the planning process tremendously. This early on, hearing from as many people as possible helps us to two big things over the next 1-2 years: first, make the park serve your needs for outdoor and cultural recreation, and second, protect it and the communities around it from unwanted side-effects.

We have an advisory committee of local, regional and state people to help us consider this new park from every angle, but we also need a constant conversation with the people who will use, or live near, the park.

So park staff will spend the next several months continuing to take your comments (make them here, or send us an email), and at the same time do a massive amount of inventory work. Looking at plants, animals, soils, even doing cultural reviews, is all part of the process. As the experts complete their work, we’ll look for results that we can distill down and place here on the site.

These first meetings came at a special time for the park: wildflowers are in bloom. Here are a few photos (more at Flickr) of the meeting and the flowers showing off the same day …

White brodiaea
Sage gall
Gall on big sage
Planning maps
Planning maps

Public meeting
Public meeting in Moro

3 thoughts on “First round of meetings finished — but don’t let that stop you

  1. You are unable to receive a cell phone signal on the property, unless you are up road on the platueau area. There should be landline service at some sort of entrance office in case of potential emergencies (i.e. falls or snakebites).

    1. Yes, good points. The need for good communication, access to the property and a staffed area have indeed already come up as we’ve started planning. Nice having a honest-to-goodness Murtha sign in. Welcome, and thanks!

  2. Looking forward to the August meetings and learning more about the economic impact this park will have on the Condon area. Thanks for your good work!

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